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January 7, 2017 / / Recipes

I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I heard of Black Bean Brownies, my first thought was “Ewww, why would you do that to a perfectly good brownie?” I mean, black beans sound like something meant for soup or stuffed inside of a Chipotle burrito.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try a vegan diet for awhile and found myself limited on food options and recipes. My sweet tooth was calling out for something to satisfy it, and I stumbled across a recipe for Black Bean Brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie. After reading the comments and reviews, 99 percent of which were raving about them, I decided that the worst that could happen was that I would bake them and throw them out if they were not edible. I had all of the ingredients on hand, so I began mixing up the ingredients and popped the concoction in the oven.

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December 31, 2016 / / Recipes

New Years Eve is upon us, and with it will come thousands, if not millions, of parties. There are two celebrations happening tonight because tonight is also the Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Clemson…because let’s face it…this is the only game today that truly matters! (Go Bucks!)

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July 24, 2016 / / Recipes

Normally breakfasts around here are something simple…a bowl of cereal, a bagel popped into the toaster, or a yogurt with some granola sprinkled on top.

Today, we were in the mood for something that we haven’t had in awhile. Nutella Banana Crepes. We were first introduced to these when we went to San Francisco almost six years ago. There was a little cafe about a mile from where we were staying that we happened to stumble across our first morning there. The cafe was by the bay overlooking the water with a breathtaking view.

After looking at the menu, we decided that these crepes sounded too good to pass up. When we got them, they tasted even better than they sounded; a light wrap with warm, gooey Nutella and bananas, encased into a bundle of awesomeness.  Read More Nutella Banana Crepes

July 7, 2016 / / Recipes

It’s been awhile since I’ve made my last dessert and figured it was time for me to put the kitchen to use and test a new recipe once more.

With cherries in season…and on sale, I thought what better than to pick up a bag of fresh cherries and see what kind of recipe I could find to use them with. The downfall to fresh cherries is picking out the seeds. However this didn’t take as much time as you would think and the end product is so much better than what you would get from sugared up canned, preserved cherries from the baking isle.

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June 21, 2016 / / Recipes

This past weekend, my husband asked me to make something in the crockpot. Considering going to the grocery store doesn’t thrill me at all (I might even rather fold laundry), I started thinking about what we had around the house that I could throw together without having to leave home unnecessarily. I knew we had ground turkey, so I started looking up ‘crock pot ground turkey recipes’ in search of anything that could be good where I had 80% of the ingredients and could improvise the rest. What I found was simply called Slow Cooker Chili. Because that name is kind of boring, I am going to call it Taco Chili for the fun of it. Now, my first thought was ‘Chili when it’s 90 degrees outside?” But as I started reading the ingredients, I was check-marking off in my mind what I had, and when it was realized I kind of had most everything, thought ‘to hell with it’, and in the crockpot the ingredients went.

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January 21, 2015 / / Recipes

This past weekend was very productive when it came to trying new recipes. On top of the Buckeye Cookies, I tried my hand at making bagels.  Hubby and I have been eating Panera’s Asiago Bagels every morning for the past several months. We agreed that we could have them daily, and not get tired of them. However, we wished that they were whole grain asiago…thus causing us to make the decision to do our own homemade bagels…

…let me tell you, one day of them and I would not miss them at all. While I am all too ready to just take the batch as a loss and run out to Panera for our bagels, hubby wants to eat the batch and try a different recipe. More power to him, because I am already dreading breakfast in the morning…

I did have another success in the kitchen, though. I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas that are on .


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