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July 6, 2017 / / Reviews

My husband, Anthony, has started his own web hosting, design and consulting business. His business, Elephant Sense Studios, targets business owners who need an online strategy or want to update their current one. Elephant Sense Studios provides online strategies for businesses who want to integrate technological solutions to make their business more efficient.

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April 8, 2017 / / Reviews
February 13, 2017 / / Life

On February 11, I got the unforgettable experience of seeing AFI perform in Atlanta. By now, if you visit here often, you probably know that AFI is my favorite band based on the frequency of them being mentioned in some way throughout my posts. When tour dates were announced, there were three option that I narrowed it down to based on proximity to Ohio: Chicago, Washington DC, and Atlanta. Beings the dates listed were for late January and February, Chicago was automatically out. I mean, why would I go somewhere colder than Ohio when I knew I would be spending a great deal of time outside? With a lot of the political stuff going on right now, I really didn’t want to venture into DC alone. That left me with Atlanta…slightly further, but a good 15-20 degrees warmer. It seemed like the most logical choice after weighing out the pros and cons.

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January 22, 2017 / / Reviews

With the release of the new AFI album on January 20, there has been a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings on it vocalized throughout the fan pages. It seems to be either a love or hate thing with not a whole lot of in-between. There have been a lot of comments on how AFI should go back to how they were in the early 2000’s, and even the 90’s. (Before reading further, let me say that I do understand that everybody has their own opinion and I respect that.)

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January 4, 2017 / / Reviews


Over the weekend, I finished reading the book Silence by Natasha Preston. Although it does feel like it is written for a Young Adult audience, the subject matter is mature and the plot caught my interest when I read a description of the book. Overall, I would give this book 4-stars out of 5. I had it finished in just a few days and had a hard time putting it down, even reading later into the night than I should have and every free moment I had in between jobs. There were some spots that seemed to contradict each other, but it wasn’t offputting and I have already started reading the sequel.

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February 2, 2015 / / Reviews

Over the past week, I have indulged in reading the book Imitating Art by Sarah Parry. Below is my review on it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have given it 4 out of 5 stars. It is available through Amazon. I hope that you give it a chance because I fully believe that you will enjoy it as much as I did, as there is an aspect to it that will suit everybody.

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book. From the very beginning, when Nell’s scheming ex-husband is introduced, all the way until the end, it was a page-turner.

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